Exploratory Testing

Some common challenges faced during exploratory testing phase is:

  • Do not know when to stop testing.
  • Replication of bug is difficult.
  • Documentation of all the events happened during the exploratory test execution.
  • Prioritizing test scenarios, to execute can be difficult.
  • Test results reporting to stakeholders will be difficult as report doesn’t have any planned scripts.

Common test process which can be applied for exploratory testing is:

  • Define Scope (Based on requirements/user stories, Risk of the new feature, Previous testing outcome etc)
  • Time-box It (Session based approach, How long need to perform the exploratory test)
  • Perform exploratory testing individually to get different perspective and note down the findings in a notepad, screen recording etc.
  • Debrief the findings/bugs to other team members so that can learn from each other.